Virtuous Or Ruffian? Meet Sipo, A Talented Indigenious Rapper From Imo State


Henry Onyegbule popularly known as Sipo is an Indigenous rapper who hails from Imo State. With his tunes, you feel the life he lives, a thug life.

Sipo is just a different type of Artist, not just in Imo State but in Nigeria at large. The life of Late Dagrin posing with a rifle doesn’t match with that of Sipo as he possesses a rifle and always pose with it including his video shots.

Smoking in music videos, possession of a rifle, and sort of things like that are things a teenager can’t hold to watch. His songs needs parental guidance as it can be rated as Explicit content. If you can understand his lyrics, then you know the type of life he lives.

His controversial life made people wonder if Sipo is a good person who just does that to promote his music or a bad person both real and music.

Coming to his type of songs, he gives a rap meant for the street. Church lovers won’t even like to listen to his songs because he doesn’t preach love with his songs. He seems to promote violence or some sort of adult rated contents which includes Smoking, Thug life, Nudity and possession of a rifle. He entirely promote street life.

Watch out for Sipo. You can follow him up on his social media platforms to know about him and the life he lives.

IG: sipo_gng
Facebook: Henry Onyegbule.


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